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#150FI April 2021

April 26, 2021


We continue our path of preparation for the celebration of the 150 years of the founding of the Congregation by the hand of the web www.150añoshijasdejesus.com.

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In April:

Terminamos abril con un artículo de nuestra hermana Teresa Zugazabeitia, “150 años: la imaginación… ¡al logo!

Interesante, personal y, como siempre, poética, lectura del logo de los 150. Así termina:

“Logrado logo. 

Que no quede solo en un logo publicitario, mero spot. 

Espiral de profundidad que nos impela a vivir nuestra filiación, que es fraternidad universal. En salida, en búsqueda, en testigos: JESÚS VIVE… 

Y podemos rezar: PADRE NUESTRO… clamor de fraternidad también.

Pan NUESTRO, también; sin acaparamiento que lesionan a los hermanos más vulnerables”. 

Léelo completo AQUÍ.

Para conocer con más profundidad nuestra Fundación de Ayuda Solidaria Hijas de Jesús el próximo jueves 29 de abril, a las 19.30h (hora de Roma), Beatriz Neff, FI entrevistará en directo por Youtube a Pablo Zimmermann, gerente de FASFI.



The Community of the International Novitiate “Mother Candida” (Córdoba-Argentina) invites us to prepare our hearts to live with depth on April 27th,  Maria Antonia Bandrés’ Day, patroness of the Daughters of Jesus at the Initial Formation.

The day has come! Let’s celebrate this testimony of life! She is our sister on this path and the patron saint of the Daughters of Jesus in initial formation. 

Let us reach the summit of these three days of preparation for her feast by singing, praying, thanking, and letting this celebration that we share today help us to live with the greater hope and faith this time, this reality that we pass through as a people.

We invite you to sing and pray with the sisters of the International Novitiate Community of Cordoba by clicking on the image.

Three days of preparation for the feast of Ma Antonia Bandrés:

 Triduum for Antoñita (3): Commit life.

“… manifested in many small gestures, obedience, and the spirit of sacrifice. She became very interested in the poor and needy and worked on the margins of Tolosa, and in particular with the workers of the union, a rare evangelizing and social work in those times.” Posted on our website on 8 March 2018

How do you commit and risk your life for what you love?



Triduum to Antoñita (2): Love for Jesus



Triduum to Antoñita (1): What is most costly for you about your personal process?


In the project “12 months, 12 experiences”,  Catherine S. Cheong,  Daughter of Jesus of the Indian-Pacific Province, invites us to reflect on the faith and trust of Mother Candida in God.

And how does it work in schools?

We start with a triduum to celebrate the day of the Rosarillo. Discover each step by clicking on the images.




Meanwhile, Ma Luisa Berzosa, FI “performs” an interview with Mother Candida that leaves us this headline:

«It is essential to living familiarity with God and the help of our neighbors»






The triduum culminates on April 2, remembrance of the inspiration of the foundation of the Congregation before the altar of the Holy Family of the church of Rosarillo of Valladolid, from which the altarpiece will take its name.


It presents the first video of the project El Camino de la Madre Candida