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#150FI August 2021

August 19, 2021

If any month of August is special for us for the feast of Saint Candida, this has surpassed all for celebrating a jubilee year, the 150th of the foundation of the Congregation. Surely you have followed it on the website of the 150  but, as always, we leave with you the summary of the month. Enjoy it!



THE WAY OF MOTHER CANDIDA | Colegio Mayor Montellano (Salamanca)

We continue to know the path of Mother Cándida through symbolic buildings of the Congregation. In August, we have approached the palace of Montellano, today Colegio Mayor.

At the end of September 1877, the Daughters of Jesus move to Montellano, a noble building built in the fifteenth century. A part of it was dedicated to the sisters, both professed and novice, and the other to the  school, which opened its doors on October 1 of that same year. In this symbolic building, Mother Cándida spent many hours writing the Constitutions, first, for diocesan approval in 1892 and, later, to obtain the approval of the Holy Father. This place also witnessed, in 1894, the first General Chapter of the Congregation, in which Mother Candida was elected Superior General. On August 9, 1912, she died in the same house. If you haven’t seen the video yet, don’t miss it by clicking on the image.  Montellano.





On such an important day for our Congregation, we come together to celebrate the life of Saint Cándida. Voices and faces from all over the world tell who Mother Cándida was and how, despite the years, she is still alive in each and every one of us, who are part of her family. Listen, sing, pray and reflect with this video prepared with such affection. (Access the video by clicking on the image)

And you … what do you celebrate about the life of Mother Cándida? What seed has God put in your heart?




12 MONTHS, 12 EXPERIENCES – Gratitude, a constant attitude in Mother Candida

“Cándida María de Jesús experienced being a creature, graceful, blessed, beloved, loved and called by God, in the midst of her limitations. From her evangelical poverty, she opened up to the gift of God and felt invited to reciprocate with love and gratitude.  Gratitude was one of the human strengths lived as a virtue.” 

Antonia Sotelo, FI tells us about this characteristic feature in the life of M. Cándida and from which she invites us to live the Daughters of Jesus and all those with whom she has a relationship. Do you dare to let yourself be infected?  

Access the article HERE  or from the website of the 150.