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#150FI May 2021

May 7, 2021

We got halfway to 150. For the Daughters of Jesus, saying “May” is to say “Mary”… We begin with the house of San José and end with Mother Candida on the 176th anniversary of her birth. Don’t miss anything!

El Camino de la Madre Cándida | Caserío de Berrozpe


The Pastoral Care with Young Daughters of Jesus in Brazil, on Friday at 19:30 p.m.

Next Friday, May 28, at 19:30 hours  (Spain), we will have the opportunity to dialogue with  Leila Janaína Pereira FI, which will allow us to know in depth this project of the Daughters of Jesus in  Brazil.




Proud to belong to this great family

Emma Quiroga Blanco – Directress of Colegio Hijas de Jesús –  A Coruña (Spain)



“Walking the road in a shared way guarantees the vividness of the charism “,

Victoria Salinas, Directress of Colegio Santa María de Granada


“With gratitude. ” Maria Luisa Berzosa FI – Rome




About 700 people met on Saturday 8th to live the first virtual meeting organized by the Daughters of Jesus in this Jubilee Year. Can you watch it on our YouTube channel. Did you see the “countdown”?

Lee las palabras de Graciela Francovig, Superiora General. Al final de su intervención, nos dejaba esta pregunta: ¿Qué pasos podríamos dar ya para responder a esta llamada de la CG XVIII?

After a few minutes of reflection, we share in groups and send our conclusions to the organizers. We collected in three words what we had spoken and this cloud has turned out.


Thank you!

Maite Manzano, teacher of the Sacred Heart School of Salamanca (Spain) and member of the Madre Candida family, shares what moves her interiorly during the preparation of this celebration. She says:

It is necessary to renew, to open the windows, as was done at another time in the Church; to seek, to return to the source (the founding charism), to dive deep into it. Pray, worship, contemplate. These are the verbs the Pope uses in his message. We will have to “waste time” on discerning.

Read his full reflection HERE.






The Virgin Mary,  The Star of our Way in our lives

The theme of the project 12 months, 12 experiences could be nothing but Mary. As Magda Zhang, Daughter of Jesus of the Province of East Asia, reflects, “it is a new opportunity to deepen, together with Mother Candida, our relationship with the Virgin Mary and love for her”. Go to the web or go directly to the text.


Material para los colegios, catequesis, niños, jóvenes…

Pincha en la imagen


House of San Jose: To live the call to a greater love

We open the month with the words of Nori M. Marquez, FI, about the House of San Jose:



” The Jubilee Year, the 150th anniversary of the founding of the Daughters of Jesus, is a very comforting and inspiring moment. It is a time that rekindles the memories of where we began, memories that are eternal treasures of the heart. A memory of the House of St. Joseph, the first home of the Daughters of Jesus, inspires us to gratefully recognize how God is faithful to his promise: “Fear not, I will always be with you”. The House of St. Joseph is the foundation of birth, of a dream full of hope, of availability in the daily life of coexistence and trust in God and also in the other”.

Read the full article HERE.