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50 years trying to follow Jesus in the footsteps of our Saint Candida (by Fuensanta Pedraza fi)

December 11, 2017

Remembering the hymn of the novitiate, of my times, “Piedra a piedra…”.Golpe a golpe”….”Ritmo a ritmo …” “Sol a sol…” “Through it I want to express what the experience of these fifty years of consecrated life has meant to me. Call and response. Beginning each day with the desire to be faithful to the commitment assumed. And in this journey I have felt the Creative and Liberating power of the Lord.
With Him, life makes sense. Joy, hope and the desire to live one’s surrender generously every day, spring forth. To do all the good that one can, even though one’s fragility makes itself very present; I feel that our body is “falling apart”, but I also feel that strength is renewed day by day thanks to God.

The experiences as usual are many. I want to highlight two.

In the Novitiate: the change in perceiving the image of God. It was very positive. Discovering God as FATHER who makes us children, brothers, friend. I felt that my heart was expanding. This way of relating to God has been the center, the impulse of each day. And I want to recognize the great help I received in this respect from ARACELI RODRIGUEZ, my novice mistress.
The experience lived in Latin America in these 44 years is one that I feel has marked me deeply. The contact with people, the experience in the communities have been showing me an intimate God who walks with his people.
To our young sisters I want to say that it is worthwhile to follow JESUS ​​AFTER THE FOOTPRINTS OF CANDIDA MARIA. And of course with MARY, OUR MOTHER; SHE puts us with her SON.


Fuensanta Pedraza fi

Bogota Colombia