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5th Meeting of New Educators in Brazil

September 15, 2016

Last September 10, the 5th Meeting of New Educators of the Daughters of Jesus Network – Brazil Region was organized in Bragança Paulista. About 170 educators from 8 educational units in the states of Minas Gerais, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro met for the first time since they started in our schools from 2013. The aim was to promote the integration of new collaborators, consistent with belonging to the Daughters of Jesus Network, from the knowledge and experience of the charism of Candida Maria de Jesus in the Church as laymen and laywomen, and from there, to motivate them to greater commitment as lay Christians marked by baptism within the educational community.

Taking number 152 of the document “Our Characteristic Way of Educating” as motivational text, the Team for the Management and Animation of the Charism devoted all its efforts to the preparation and completion of the meeting.
“Possibilities for updating and development are given [to the laity] if they are to fulfil their educative task. Special care is taken so that they have the necessary means to know and assimilate our characteristic way of educating, and attain greater integration and commitment in the educative community.” (OCWE 152)

The theme developed in the meeting was organized with these reflections:
• Life and Mission of St. Candida and the Congregation of the Daughters of Jesus in the world and in Brazil
• Reflections on the document Our Characteristic Way of Educating – Structure and accents
• Daughters of Jesus Network – Mission, Vision and Values: I am part – Together we are more
• Educational Community – Features and Potentials