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A Little More Inside

March 5, 2022

Since January 24, our itinerancy was activated again, leaving the Dominican Republic, almost Haiti, because we were in Pedro Santana, up there in a community called Bartolo, bordering our beloved Haiti, loving and serving with the De La Salle Brothers in a beautiful boarding school, in the basin of the Joca River, a beautiful agroecological school, with some great guys and a fairytale landscape. Beautiful that!

On the 24th we set out, in the name of the whole Congregation, on our way to the Amazon. Specifically, to the Peruvian part, to accompany as REIBA volunteers the Achuar ethnic group, together with the Laurite nuns.

We arrived in Lima, met those who will be our companions in the Wijint mission, and made the life plan together. They soaked us even more in their enthusiasm for such a beautiful project: a boarding school within the native Achuar community.  It was a whole month, used to regularize our documentation. With our teacher Yuu Taish, virtually, we continue learning the language and practicing with two girls of this ethnic group who are in Lima doing their university studies.

On February 26, we took one more step and went from Lima to Tarapoto, already jungle… Then to Yurimaguas, where we met all the pastoral ministers of our Vicariate and our friendly bishop Jesús María, who welcomed us with great affection and presented us with the challenges of this “dear Amazon”.

For two days we have been “a little further” in our mission, as we arrived crossing three large and beautiful rivers: Huallaga, Pastaza, and Marañón to the community of San Lorenzo, which is three days away, also by boat, from our final destination: Wijint. Here we will stay about 10 days.

Needless to say, the heart overflows with enthusiasm, joy, and desire to be in the midst of those beloved people. To be there balm, consolation, companionship, living presence of the God who is father-mother who takes care of everyone.

Tight hug,

Kenya and Yomi, Daughters of Jesus