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A Spirit-filled Juniors’ Encounter

May 3, 2021

Last April 7-8, 2021 a virtual Juniors’ encounter was held through zoom. It was participated by the 3 juniors: Mary Mae Santorce, Crystal Bermejo and Florie May Llorando; and facilitated by Sr. Leoly Quitorio, FI and  Sr. Cathy Cheong, FI. It was also graced with the presence of Sr. Lynn Falsis, FI. The two-day session was an opportunity to heartily listen, share and pray with and for one another. It was filled with openness and generosity of each one.

Allow us to share with you our experience in the 2-day encounter with ourselves, with one another and with God.

The two days of encounter is truly the encounter with the Risen Christ, the gift of the Holy Easter. I am very grateful that despite the health crisis and distance the virtual encounter was still made possible. Indeed, God is so good. While recalling the sharing, what struck my heart was the Oblates of the Virgin Mar’s version of the Principle and Foundation: “The goal of our life is to live with God forever. God gave us life because he loves us.” Moreover, I have realized that I have received so much blessings, and I feel I am reminded on how to respond to His love. I learned about the simplicity and transparency of the heart in the search for God’s will. God continues shaping and forming me to grow in my vocation to be an instrument of His love. Lastly, it was a fruitful encounter that continuously invites me to trust Him and find Him in all things. Thanks to the formation team and the province for organizing this encounter. It is truly a great help for me, a young sister in formation.

 Mary Mae Santorce, Junior, first stage


I am so grateful to the Lord that He had given us the opportunity to have the encounter. It was an experience that reminded me of my commitment to the Lord. And as I am reminded, I feel that I have become more determined to deepen my relationship with Him as my Loving Father. Once again, I feel the unconditional love of Jesus that continues to mold my heart and helps me grow. I have seen how He works in me with His grace, and it invites me to be more receptive to Him, to listen to His will and not on my own will. I still have a lot of things to outgrow in myself, but I trust Him that He will continue to accompany me and be with me in my journey. Jesus never abandons and He continues to nurture the fire of love in my heart that makes me persevere and offer my life to Him.

Crystal Bermejo, Juniora, first stage


For me, this encounter is a grace, another gift from God. And I am grateful for the opportunity. I see myself like a plant that needs the necessary help and care to grow, develop and anchor itself strongly to the life underneath it.  And this encounter came as a form of help and care that enriches me in my relationship with Him as I continue to seek and move forward in anchoring myself to the God living in me who calls and invites me to trust, live in His love and let go so that He can truly be the Lord of my life.  

Florie May Llorando, Juniora, second stage


We would like to express our gratitude to Sr. Cathy, Sr. Leoly and Sr. Lynn for organizing this encounter and for accompanying us. Thank you for your generosity, for your time to be with us, for your words of support, guidance and encouragement and for your listening heart. We started this encounter by saying “it will be an encounter and let us just be ourselves” and we believe and we thank God that this encounter is also an encounter with Him as His daughters. Thank you loving Father for sustaining us with your abiding love and presence.