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Among Jesus’ chosen ones…

November 9, 2016

From the 28th to the 31st of October we had our annual meeting with Mother General, her Consultors, Secretary and the General Treasurer in the Generalate in Rome. “Among those chosen by Jesus … are not the best, nor the most qualified, nor the most worthy to carry out the mission,” announced the poster that welcomed us in our meeting room. And we continued to keep this in mind every day. Experiencing this being “among those chosen by Jesus”.
We felt the absence of Sonia Regina Rosa, provincial of Brazil Caribe, and of Sagrario de Andrés, because of situations that both had to deal with. It is our obedience to life that leads us every day to say: let it be done as You will.

Our days unfolded – serene, profound, of search and joint reflection; encouraging each other in the complex mission of being a government today. We were delighted to hear the reality of the Universal Body from within. In the midst of the complexity that the entire Congregation lives, one can perceive the Spirit fluttering in the midst of it to give us more life. Every day we began with the celebration of the Eucharist in union with the sisters of the Generalate, personal prayer from the Word of God that accompanied us aptly in each moment. Our reflections were as they had been announced: regarding the process of the amplified communities and the journey that we continue making in each Province. We also talked about the timetable until the next General Congregation and the Collaborating Teams at the international level in the next two and a half years. The shared mission and the Charismatic Family, together with the Third International Meeting of the laity, led us to think truly that our invitation today is to go along with the Spirit wherever He wants to lead our Body: we felt strongly the feelings of the laity in so many places in our world.
We had a full day of reflection on formation: initial and permanent. We shared about our international houses. María Inéz asked us about ways to proceed in the future. We questioned ourselves about our renewal courses, about the participation in them, as another area of ​​formation offered by the Congregation according to the PGF. And finally it was a meeting about economy, in the accounting that the General Government renders to the Provincials. Here we met Yajaira Hernández, commencing this service with eagerness and generous dedication.
We did not miss the moment for relaxation, which we had on Saturday night: we went to stroll around St. Peter’s and the Gianicolo. Rome at night has a special charm. For those of us going to Rome for these meetings it is a “grace” to find many things that we do not have in everyday life. We thank María Inéz and all the sisters for making this meeting possible and for what we take with us from it. We are grateful to the Lord who gives us confidence to continue to promote the life of the Body in mission from our service of government and so that others may have life, in the constant search for the Good of our neighbors.