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An inspiration… a life for HIM

April 15, 2024

On April 2 of this year in the community of the International Juniorate in Granada, accompanied by my community, in a simple celebration presided over by the priest Diego Molina SJ, I was able to participate in the celebration. Diego Molina SJ I renewed my vows.

I think and feel that this phrase: “An inspiration… a life for HIM…” expresses well my feeling at that moment and that, throughout the year, and specifically in these last months, the Lord has been showing me, giving me the gift. It has been a time of grace, of experiencing and confirming on this earth my call to live from the most authentic and full Love that only in Jesus I am and at the same time I give myself.

Renewing my vows precisely on this very important feast for the Daughters of Jesus, and after having had a profound experience of authentic encounter through the Easter Triduum in AlmeriaI felt my heart full of joy, of a peace that only comes to me from knowing that I am resurrected with HIM and with so many others who, in the midst of pain, loneliness and hunger….smile and show that human Jesus who continues to accompany them at all times.and that even in the midst of so much precariousness, it lets its rays of resurrection shine through.

Renewing that day, and after all that I had lived the previous days, put me before God with the only desire that my renewal, my yes, be a commitment, a surrender lived from love and responsibility. May it be a yes committed to those who have no voice, and like Mary Magdalene, may I continue to recognize myself as a beloved daughter, receive the sending forth and take it to my brothers and sisters in Galilee, trusting in the promise of the Father: “I will always be in your midst.

Thank you for being present through prayer. Ask them to continue to pray for the Daughters of Jesus who are in initial formation so that, through the intercession of Mother Candida and the grace of Jesus our Lord, we may become true daughters of his. And, as our Determination says in number 4: “…that we may be a balm, an encouragement, a kind presence, an impulse of hope, a consolation on the way…a life that makes Jesus of Nazareth transparent” in this broken and wounded world.

Santa Maribel Adón Santos (Dianny)
Juniora from Dominican Republic
Province Brazil-Caribbean