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February 16, 2016

Yesterday, second-year novices Alicia Romero, Celina Chimeno, Cintia Malachi and Esther Sanz began their last experience of the novitiate, the apostolic experience.

Guided by the desire to grow in the following of Jesus in the Congregation, they are getting ready at this time for this new opportunity, as we see in Part III of our Constitutions (No. 75): “Keeping in mind the Institute’s aim, the third experience will be that of dedicating themselves for some time to explain the Christian doctrine or whatever they have learned and are ready to teach. This whould be done in the way that in our Lord seems more profitable, according to the capacity, strength and preparation of each one.”

For two months they will live and be part of the extended community of Monterrico-Córdoba (Cintia will be in the house of Monterrico-Jujuy), and the East and West in Bolivia (Celina will be in the house of Potosi, Alicia in Santa Cruz and Esther in the house of Montero).

The sisters of the houses and communities hosting them have already made them feel their warmth and advanced welcome these past days. It is a time of anticipation, of preparing themselves within and without.