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Appointments in Spain-Italy

July 12, 2017

On Monday, July 10, Mª Carmen Martín, Provincial Superior, communicated the appointments of Local Superiors for the next triennium through a circular letter to all the Sisters of the Province. The letter began with a brief reflection on the Pope’s homily at the 25th anniversary Mass of his episcopal consecration, in which he emphasized three words: Arise !, Look !, Wait !, words that mark the way which Abraham must follow, as we are told in Genesis:
“They speak to me about faith because God is greater than our possibilities; trust because we do not walk alone; listening because it is He who is marking our path; of availability towards a horizon that we do not glimpse entirely …
They are imperatives that are not addressed to each individually, but to the Body and as a Province. And this basic attitude – attitude of faith in short – is what puts us in a position to live with depth and welcome the appointments for the next triennium and the assignments of this moment”.
Appointments of Local Superiors
In her circular, Mª Carmen Martín recalls that the appointment of Superiors corresponds to the Superior General, who can delegate her authority to the Provincial to appoint some superiors, appointments that, in such case, the Superior General must confirm. (Cf. CFI 276, DNC 213)
Appointments made by the Superior General
COMMUNITY                     SUPERIOR
Cataluña (houses in Alcarrás y Badalona)                              Enriqueta Seva Ortuño
Galicia (houses in A Coruña, Noia and Vigo)                             Mª de la O Martínez Martín
Granada (houses of Virgen Blanca and Santa Mª de las Nieves)     Mª Josefa García Junco
Italia (houses in Rome and in Caivano)                                           Antonella Rizzo Cesare
Madrid-Berrospe (house of the Juniorate, “Colegio Mayor” and Provincialate)  Mª Carmen Jiménez Correa
Málaga (nursing home and Villa Providencia)                     Mª Dolores Giménez Martínez
País Vasco and Navarra (houses in Bilbao, Pamplona and Guipúzcoa-Andoain,
San Sebastián y Tolosa)                                                                   Blanca Esher Iriarte Martínez
Salamanca Mostenses-Garrido                                                          Mª Inés Cruz Maillo
Valladolid-Medina del Campo                                                            Elena Arámbol Soriano
Maria Inez has also appointed Sofía Contreras Sanfeliciano as Superior of the Generalate.
Appointments made by the Provincial Superior and confirmed by the Superior General:
COMMUNITY                                                                             SUPERIOR
Almería (houses in Piedras Redondas and Roquetas)                 Beatriz Neff Atance
Burgos (houses in San Juan de Ortega and San Pablo)             Mª Teresa Pinto Terradillos
Elche (houses of Carrús and Santa María)                                Ana Mª Jódar Oliver
Madrid Usera (houses of Mater Puríssima and Santa María)       Mercedes Vilas Aballe
Madrid Orcasur-Entrevías                                                      Paloma Lesma Sanz
Salamanca Montellano                                                          Rosa Orts Gonzálvez
Salamanca (infirmary)                                                Mª Carmen Zamorano Martín
San Sebastián (infirmary)                                           Mª Jesús Esnal Escudero
Segovia (houses of Sagrado Corazón and Virgen de la Esperanza)      Mª Teresa García Román
Sevilla (houses of Madre de Dios and Virgen de los Reyes)       Inmaculada Viciana Fernández
Valladolid (infirmary)                                                 Mª Ángeles Elorza Ugarte
“Thank you, sisters, to some for having performed with service and generosity the service that has been requested of you in this exercise of local government, and to others because you have welcomed this new mission with the availability of every Daughter of Jesus, In the quest for the “goodness” of the Body above “personal well-being”.

Appointments of de Titular Heads or RCAs of the schools
In the same circular she also communicates the government of the educational works, in which the lay persons increasingly exercise the administration of the school as well as the owner representation.
Almería “Stella Maris”        Carmen Muñoz Caballero
Almería “Virgen de la Paz” Mª del Mar Domínguez López FI
Badalona                       Dolores Peregrina Manzano
Bilbao                           Josune Extremiana Eguía
Burgos                          Víctor Mendiguchía Ruiz
Elche                            Rosario Pulido Jáuregui FI
Granada                        Mª Victoria Salinas Roldán
La Coruña                      Raquel Amigot Goyena FI
Madrid “Mater Purissima” Almudena Román Marugán
Madrid “María Virgen”      Rosa Mª Romo Soler FI
Madrid “María Reina”       Rosa Mª Romo Soler FI
Málaga                           Mª Rosario Hernangómez Barahona FI
Medina del Campo           Mª Carmen Pérez Gómez
Noia                               Carlos Couce Rico
Pamplona                       Javier Martínez Baigorri
Salamanca                      Rosa Orts Gonzálvez FI
San Sebastián                 Mari Fe Arruti Chasco
Sevilla                            Jorge Manuel Palma Jiménez
Tolosa                            Pello Aguirrezábal Oiarbide
Valladolid                        Sara Pascual Vinuesa
Vigo                               Beatriz Tenorio Rivas
Colegio Mayor Berrospe (Madrid)             Mª Teresa Ortega Santamaría FI
Colegio Mayor Montellano (Salamanca)    Rosa Nieto Sánchez

In the circular she also takes the opportunity to express her gratitude “to the sisters and lay persons who rendered this service in the previous triennium, and those who are now going to perform it. Thank you for the generosity of one and all.”

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