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ARGENTINA: A Fraternal Encounter at the International Novitiate

July 12, 2017

July 06, 2017, a day that the F.I. novices marked as special at the “Noviciado Internacional de la Madre Candida” in Córdoba, Argentina. It was a day when the novices of the Hijas de Jesus and the Jesuits in Argentina gathered together in a simple dinner.
Both the F.I. and S.J. novices have the same apostolates in the Barrio and are attending the same classes of Emmaus together.
The day started with a mass presided by Father Juan Carlos Juarez, S.J. and concelebrated by Father Marcos Muiño S.J. At the dinner , after the mass, they shared with one another some experiences in the apostolate and in their classes, as well as exchange some delightful jokes. It was also an opportunity that fostered a fraternal relationship among them as companions in taking the path towards Jesus.
The encounter was simple yet profound, because, it gave them an opportunity to share about their vocation and how they have been growing in it.
Let us continue to pray for our young sisters and brothers in formation as well as for young people who are searching for the will of God. Let us pray increase our prayers for more vocations so that there will be more young men and women to collaborate in the mission of our Loving Father.