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We bring out the best in each person, in a multicultural environment resulting from the different migratory waves. You can find us working in La Plata, Monterrico, Córdoba and Villa Ocampo.

The Daughters of Jesus who live here are open to every reality. We have a deep desire to inculturate, to understand and respect each culture and to sow in them the values that the spirit points out from our own charism.

The realities in which we carry out the mission of the Daughters of Jesus are also very diverse, but in each one universalism and joy are evident.

Constant discernment to discover, rediscover and be faithful to God’s will in every place, together with the desire to help, makes us reach the places and people who need us most.

We identify with the fraternity expressed in the encounter, closeness and cordial welcome. The deep joy that is given by faith and trust in God. Also in the capacity to build processes and community.


La Plata

Eucharistic Heart of Jesus School


School, “Nuestra Señora de las Mercedes


The International Novitiate is located in Cordoba, where the young women continue their journey to grow spiritually in their relationship with God, in their knowledge of Jesus and in the way of following Him as a Daughter of Jesus.

Also the “Mater Purissima” School

Villa Ocampo

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