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Canonical Visit of the Superior General – Mozambique

May 8, 2023

Sunday, May 7th, Graciela Graciela, our Superior General, begins the journey that will take her to make the canonical visit to the community of Mozambique.

It is a long-awaited visit, long-awaited by her and by these few sisters in Africa. She is accompanied on this occasion by the Delegate, María de la O Martínez .

“I don’t have time, I haven’t said it; I wanted to write, but I’m already at the airport. Tell everyone. An expression like that, I don’t know if it was exactly like that, we heard Graciela say as she was about to enter the boarding area.

To me it has sounded like farewells like these: “I can’t; this one’s coming out, it’s late. Greet all of them. You know you love her very holy and your mother blesses her, humble servant in Christ”. Or this one: “I can’t take it anymore, the train is coming. Greet everyone and the Sisters, and you know that you love her very holy and your poor mother blesses you…”. And in others: “I conclude, because the train is coming. Greet…” “The train is leaving. Goodbye” “The train is coming. Greet all and all, and you know you love her very holy…” From letter 76, letter 82, 96 and so many others from Cándida Mª de Jesús, our Foundress.

Bon voyage, Maria and Graciela! To those of you in Mozambique we send our embrace with them. We pray for those of you who are going and for the sisters who are waiting for you with so much love and enthusiasm. We pray for a very special visit, for a meeting in which we all wish to be and we are, in some way.

And meanwhile, we let this quick message resound -like a train, which does not wait-, essential, which remains in time like an echo: “you know you love her very holy and bless them…” . And the message is not like the train, the message does not pass.

Maria Teresa Pinto FI