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Canonical visit to Spain

May 10, 2022

In her letter no. 24, Graciela also tells us about her recent visit to the Province of Spain and Italy.

With the second part of the visit to Spain, I have finished the visit to this province. It started in October 2021 in Italy and then continued in Spain in November and December and ended in February and March 2022.

During the visit, we received many gifts from the Lord.  The encounter in faith, for me, is one of the most important. Our view of the world and our desire to engage with it is another. In this sense, I think it is worth expressing here the reception of immigrants arriving from Ukraine that the Congregation makes in Spain. Several of our unoccupied spaces have been lent to welcome them, without forgetting other immigrants we were already serving before. Pastoral care for young people is also very much alive. And, finally, we have been able to appreciate the good process that the Jesuitinas Educational Foundation is doing in its early years.


I have written a letter to the HH of this country and I share all some aspects:

The roots of this Body are palpable, which came out of there to expand universally. This is a gift that we have to know how to appreciate. It is palpable that it is the highest part of the Body of middle age, but that does not mean that it is not alive, cheerful, and enthusiastic. Will we be able to discover the beauty, courage, wisdom, and strength that old age has? I think this can be a good invitation from the Gospel.


I have been very pleased that, since February, Pope Francis’ Cycle of Wednesday catechesis has been around the value of old age. I invite you to look for them.

Graciela Francovig, Superior General


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