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Communication helps us to take care of our well-being

March 13, 2020

Today the digital world is a meeting place with our contemporaries and an opportunity for relationships among us to be strengthened. As educators, we feel the need to enter this new space, in its means, its languages, its possibilities… despite some resistance and difficulties.

In my circular number 2 to the entire Congregation I said:

“The communication of news will help a lot to the Congregation in its well-being” (CFI 326), “because this way, knowing in each place what is being done in the others, may serve all of them as consolation, edification and progress in mutual charity ”(CFI 236).

This is the spiritual and universal meaning of our communications, so we will help ourselves to remain in our well-being and we will take care of our way of proceeding in a Body that today is getting smaller and smaller, but which, at the same time, is very dispersed in different countries.

The Complementary Norms and Directives remind us that our union is realized in pluralism and “demands that we stress the necessary attitudes of communication, dialogue and effective concem for all the Daughters of Jesus” (DNC 151 and 154).

In addition to other means, we use this website, the provincial websites and official and personal social networks to be witnesses of what God does wherever we are. We are for “going and announcing”. Let us be “narrators” of what we live and experience.

 Graciela Francovig, Superior General