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Congratulations, Graciela (2)

August 1, 2020

Dear Graciela: on your birthday we want you to feel, together with your joy for life and for so many gifts received in it, the joy and gratitude of all the Daughters of Jesus.

We unite to thank the Lord for your constant dedication, day by day, hour by hour, to all and to the mission of the Body. Those of us who see you attest to this.

Along with your goodness, which is not a small thing, your detail, your capacity for observation and careful memory, we could highlight many other gifts that you have received from God and you put at the service of others in the office that you assume, in addition serenely and responsibly.

Today we highlight how you try to match your rhythm to God’s rhythm and take your time to study and decide matters. They must be the things of discernment that, being effective because of the peace it leaves and because it keeps our spirits together, knows about the patience of God with his daughters and sons.

We end up paraphrasing what M. Candida could write to you today: “I also asked and I ask a lot for you and for all my beloved daughters so that we are all very faithful discerning according to the orientation that the Constitutions give us”


Sisters of the Council and the Curia House