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Crystal and Celina enter the International Novitiate of Cordoba

February 4, 2017

East and West- the Philippines and Uruguay- Ma. Crystal Bermejo and Celina García- Welcome
On February 2, the international novitiate welcomed Crystal and Celina with the rite of entry to the novitiate, together with the community and the sisters of the house of Cordova.
Faithful to our charism of universality, sisters from three provinces, América Andina, Índico-Pacífico and Brasil-Caribe were present.
Throughout the day, through the gifts sent by the sisters of other houses, calls and messages of congratulation, the whole body of the Daughters of Jesus was present.
Thus is fulfilled our Mother Foundress’ desire, in the dispersion-union of hearts.
After the rite in the chapel we shared a fraternal lunch, all generations united, remembering the novitiate times of each one, recalling many anecdotes and memories of people.