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“DETTO-FATTO”, summer camp Caivano 2017

July 23, 2017

From June 26 to July 7, the summer camp of 2017 was held in Parco Verde, Caivano, at the parish of St. Paul the Apostle, under the motto “Detto-Fatto” [“No sooner said than done”]. The pastoral activity was organized by the Daughters of Jesus and the young people of different groups of the same parish that gathered in the month of June to prepare it. The goal was to provide a space for fun, joy and formation in values, such as friendship, respect for the other and for creation, communion and faith, for the children and youth of Parco.
They were two weeks full of joy, smiles, warmth, love and friendship. The central point of the experience was to deepen and live the biblical account of the creation of man and of the world, and to learn to value and respect it under the motto “DETTO-FATTO” [“NO SOONER SAID THAN DONE”].
Between dances, songs, games, stories, craft workshops, prayer meetings and listening sessions, the children and young people lived and enjoyed the experience thoroughly. (Francesco Esposito, group “Youth of Hope”).
“How can I describe the feelings I experienced these days? From the initial fear to the tension that in the hours before the beginning of the experience made me ask about the meaning of the project and everything planned, the smiles that the children gave me made me overcome all my fears. They were very intense days when fatigue at times overwhelmed me. But upon coming home and feeling my heart full of joy, I slept peacefully.
I have had the chance to take risks, to abandon my own plans. Seeing the group more and more united has given me strength and encouragement. Elio, Aurora and Margherita have been the characters of the stories that have accompanied us in this adventure reminding us that everything is gift. Nothing is ours, we are not the owners of the world; we are the caretakers and custodians, and we have to take care of everything around us. No matter how dark it may be outside, we should not fear; rather we must trust in the Lord who always accompanies us. They are experiences that all young people have to go through once in life, experiences that make us grow, that give us love. I want to thank everyone, all the animators – young and old, sisters Pina and Anita but above all the children who with their smiles have been the true protagonists of this beautiful experience”. (Enza Police, animator of adolescents and pre-teens)
I want to thank Sisters Pina, Anita and Fr. Mauricio because without you we could not have done all this. Not in every parish is it possible to have a space and place to be able to gather and to do things together; it is a real gift. I want to thank all the guys for being an important part of my life, you have given me so much and you are a great gift to me. Everything has been a great joy – the children, the experience, being able to lend a hand, being together. When I am with you my heart is filled with love and joy; it opens without limit or measure … And the children … each of them from the smallest to the biggest, the most active to the quietest, each has something to teach us, something to give us. With a little affection and attention the children give themselves, trust and give the best of themselves; we can learn a lot from them … I can learn a lot from them. “(Marinella Moretti, animator of the group” Youth of Hope”).