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Fifth Sunday of Lent

March 16, 2024

Time for community decisions.

We come to the last week of Lent and almost at the end of the Pope’s Message for this season. It suggests that we review in community our habits to search and risk.

The synodal form of the Church, which in recent years we are rediscovering and cultivating, suggests that Lent should also be a time of community decisions, of small and large decisions against the current, capable of changing the daily life of people and the life of a neighborhood: shopping habits, care for creation, the inclusion of the invisible or the despised.

I invite all Christian communities to do this: to offer their faithful moments to reflect on their lifestyles; to verify their presence in the neighborhood and their contribution to improve it. Woe to us if Christian penance were like that which saddened Jesus.

May joy be seen on faces, may the fragrance of freedom be felt, may that love be released that makes all things new, beginning with the smallest and closest.

To think and pray:

  • The synodal form… In my community of life, are we daring to practice the synodal method?
  • I invite all Christian communities to… What have we been reflecting on lately in my Christian community? Do we seek together what God wants from us in the place where we live?
  • Let the joy be seen in the faces… What do our community faces say? Do they give off the true joy that comes from communion in the Lord? Do they bring the fragrance of freedom? Where we are, are all things made new by the presence of love?

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