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Echoes of the meeting of the lay in Madrid with Maria Inez (I)

June 11, 2016

On June 4, Saturday, many of us members of the Family of Mother Candida were invited to a meeting with Maria Inez Furtado. We went with joy and anticipation for the meeting with the General. She, in a simple and enlightening conversation, convinced us all.
She spoke from the knowledge of reality and from the conviction that it is the Spirit who moves us and leads us along the way, without there being an established path. Then came the round of questions, doubts and concerns and she gave enlightening answers, making it clear that it is we, the laypeople, who have to decide where to go.
We were excited and happy to belong to this great family, and we decided to have an Assembly on March 11 for all who want to continue on this path.
The other part was that of being together, informal talk, the joy of meeting other sisters; shared problems; affection and love … all the feelings, many about belonging to the same family: that of the Daughters of Jesus.

Pepa Gámez Lozano (Málaga)