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Desire – #9for9FI

August 2, 2023

Summary of the catechesis

Discernment is a form of searching, and searching is always born of something we lack but somehow know. “Desire,” at root, is a longing for fullness that never finds full satisfaction, and it is the sign of God’s presence in us. Desire is the compass to understand where I am and where I am going.

Unlike the desire or the emotion of the moment, the desire lasts in time, even for a long time, and tends to materialize. Desire makes you strong, courageous, makes you go forward always.

By dialoguing with the Lord, we learn to understand what we really want from our life. from our life. But be aware that complaints are a poison, a poison for the soul, a poison for life because they do not increase the desire to go forward.

The age in which we live seems to favor the maximum freedom of choice, but at the same time it atrophies desire -You want to satisfy yourself continuously, which is reduced to the desire of the moment. And we must be careful not to atrophy desire.

Many people suffer because they do not know what they want to do with their life; they have probably never made contact with their deep desire, they have never known: “What do you want from your life?” “Lord that I may know my desires” . Also He has a great desire for us: to make us sharers in his fullness of life.

In the life of Mother Candida

Mother Candida was a woman of desires, of great desires, and, God, at the center. “I want to be all of Jesus“, “I want many girls to come to our schools“, I wanted to go to the end of the world in search of souls, I wanted us to be true Daughters of Jesus, I wanted…

How about you?

What do you want? What are the longings of your soul? Where is your nostalgia for fullness?

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