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End of the year retreat at Christmas 2020

December 30, 2020

The year 2020 is ending. Twelve months that have been especially hard and intense, which have kept us in continuous uncertainty. As much as we want to fill 2021 with hope, and the vaccine gives us reason to wait, we know that the turn of the year is only something symbolic, not magical.

The Pope told us in the greeting to the Daughters of Jesus at the beginning of the preparation for the celebration of the 150 years of the Congregation, that we are not afraid to get into areas that are shouting the need for an evangelical announcement… As long as you don’t go alone, go with the Lord. That is what we want to do, be with him, contemplate him and let him speak to us.

If you do not have much time, it is always possible to make a list of what I have lived and ask the Lord to enlighten me to discover how it has been there, what he has given us, what I have learned… and to help me not to forget it. Asking her forgiveness for the times that I have closed myself in fear or complaint or let myself be overcome by fatigue. To open my life before him and tell him that I put in his hands the year that is beginning, what it brings and my life, so that he may turn it into a seed of the Kingdom.

You may be in community, with your family or by yourself and you want to dedicate yourself to being with God this last day of the year. We leave you with this prayer proposal that has helped the Daughters of Jesus of the curia. They send the points in two parts, we offer them as they arrive. They can be used in the most helpful way.

1st For an initial time of prayer in common.

2nd Points to pray throughout the day.

We wish everyone a grateful 2020, despite what has been lived, and a hopeful 2021… putting, above all, our hope in the incarnate God that we celebrate these days.




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