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Entrance to the Postulancy of Hiya Jeni Clara Nokrek from Bangladesh

August 18, 2020

Celebration of the Feast of St. Candida in Bangladesh

The celebration of the feast of our dear Mother Foundress in Bangladesh this year 2020 brought out so much joy and thanksgiving!

Mo. Foundress’ presence was palpably felt and that she brought along with her bundles of gifts. On the day of her feast, we had the entrance to the postulancy of Hiya Jeni Clara Nokrek, the first young woman, and an indigenous, who opted to join our Congregation. Her entrance also coincided with the celebration of the Indigenous Day of Bangladesh. Jeni belongs to the Mandi tribe where there is a big percentage of Catholic population as compared to the numerous tribes of Bangladesh.

Right now, aside from our postulant, we still have two formal aspirants, one candidate and another one came the day before the feast to observe our life for a month. Please pray for the following young ladies:

– Hiya Jeni Clara Nokrek (postulant)
– Tanya Chambugong and Lakhi Purification (formal aspirants)
– Sonia Raksam (candidate)
– Tengsua Rema (observer)

Subho Hajong and Rakhi Baskey, both college students staying at Mother Teresa College hostel have expressed their desires to join the Hijas de Jesus. However, their priority right now is to complete their college level studies.

Our collective prayers for vocation as a Body is bearing fruit. Thank you very much for your prayers and other forms of fraternal support.

On the following day, August 10, we had the Eucharistic celebration in honor of Mother Candida in the parish. We were joined in the celebration by the three SDB priests, seminarians and few parishioners .

Part of our desire to celebrate the feast was to share the joy especially with the more needy like the workers/carpenters in the compound. So last August 2 in honor of Mother Foundress, we had arrange lunch for the 14 carpenters working in the compound and we sent live chicken or ducks (according to their choice) to our 4 lay staff and their families.

What and how things had transpired were enough reason to express from the heart, “ BLESSED BE GOD ” “ GOD WILLS IT “ .

Hna. Helen Catangcatang, FI Bangladesh. Provincia  Indico-Pacifico