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Experience in the communities- Renewal Course

October 23, 2018

From October 4 to 13 we lived another of the significant experiences in the renewal course, that of sharing life with another community. The houses of Rio de Janeiro, Montes Claros and Fortaleza in Brazil, Montero in Bolivia and Jujuy in Argentina have welcomed us to experience life with the sisters in other different contexts than those in which we usually live and in which we carry out our tasks. We have all agreed that, despite having only been a few days, it has been a rich experience that has opened other perspectives and horizons.

Upon returning we have shared what we experienced in different contexts and we have selected a series of highlights in which we have coincided:

We have felt at home. The welcome has been an experience that has deeply impressed us. Both the sisters and the laity have made us feel part of a great family that in that context had different traits and accents than those we usually see and hear in our countries of origin in the areas where we are assigned. Fraternity, an essential feature in our charism, is something we have felt strongly.

The shared mission is a reality. The lay and we Daughters of Jesus strive together to promote and realize the Kingdom of God among the simplest.

 3.   Discover good humor to “recharismatize” our religious life to be true Daughters of Jesus.

 4.   The faith of the simple people evangelizes us and shows us how to live in other contexts the importance of the Word of God that gives key points to live meaningfully and how to update the Marian devotion so rooted in popular devotion.

 5.   God meets us in the situations we least expect. The heart of God beats especially among simple people and invites us to seek it and find it in everything.

 6.   Being universal impels us to be available and to trust in God the Father.

We believe that the most important objective has been more than fulfilled. These days we are also encountering confirmations, challenges and questions for the contexts in which we usually live. From the bottom of our hearts we thank the sisters and the laity who have shared what they are and have, and have made us vibrate with the charism that is alive. This experience commits us to live authentically our vocation as Daughters of Jesus sharing what we are: Daughters and Sisters.



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