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First adherents to the Global Education Pact

January 22, 2023
On September 12, 2019 the Pope Francis called for the construction of a global educational pact with the objective of “rekindling commitment for and with young women generations, renewing the passion for more open and inclusive education, capable of patient listening, constructive dialogue, and mutual understanding.“. Remember here how we told the story.

Following the meeting of educators from Mother Candida’s school on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the foundation, where the Congregation publicly joined the Pact, the International Team of Educators has continued to work to encourage us to deepen it.

On November 23, 2021, with the desire to continue to take steps in the creation of networks, in a dynamism “from the local to the global”, the Guide of the Pact was sent to the Educational Centers with the educational mode of M. Candida.

A year later, in a letter to Mother Candida’s school administrators, they invited us to join them in their commitment to building a more humane world. They told us like this:

HOW TO JOIN? It’s simple:

I. First of all, KNOW IT. Surely you are familiar with it, as well as the means to go deeper. In our eagerness to facilitate it, we send you some links to short and significant videos: two of the Pope – in which he launches the Pact, a later one in which he insists in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic – and one of the Director General of UNESCO, Ms. Audrey Azoulay.

– Pope FRANCISCO: Launching of the Pact.


Director of UNESCO:

II. Secondly, WE ASK: did we make the commitment? Do we adhere to the Pact? The question is addressed to the Management Teams, to the Teachers’ Councils, and to all the staff. Maybe someone sees difficulties or feels incapable, let’s be free to express ourselves and talk about it, let’s listen to each other and encourage each other. It is NOT about increasing activity and what is being asked for is in our roots.

III. One more step, PUT THE COVENANT SEAL in a visible place if our answer is yes. We give some ideas: at the entrance of the College, on the web and networks, on the letterheads of circulars or letters, etc.

IV. This stage is culminated by COMMUNICATING: through a simple mail to our Team escuelamadrecandida@hijasdejesus.org expressing that you have joined and, if you can, send us a picture, we will be glad to see something. And publish it on your website, on the networks, or to the families, according to your context, see how to do it.

There are four simple steps. Basically, it is to allow ourselves to be questioned and to respond sincerely, personally, and as an educational work. Each Center can decide whether to start the process by dedicating a few minutes of a faculty meeting and summoning the administrative and service personnel, or by dedicating a meeting just for that, or by stages, or by cycles… Each one of you can decide what is best or what is possible according to your reality.


The first schools that, after working on the material sent, have taken the firm step of adhering to the Global Education Pact have begun to reply. Both are from the Jesuitinas Educational Foundation of Spain: Jesuitinas School in A Coruña and Mater Purissima School in Madrid.

Jesuitinas A Coruña has come to take on the commitment that reflects the entire personnel of the school. Their hope is to strengthen the network that we are. In your motivation and hope, underline what the Call to the union of educators asks for. We are a network and by joining the Pact they promote the union among us and beyond. This is what they tell us:

We confirm that we have joined the Global Compact to strengthen the network that we are. We send you some pictures of the reflection made with all the staff of the school, of our yes to this commitment. Our website is already sporting its colors. Do not hesitate to count on us.

For their part, the teachers at Mater Purissima School are aware that, in doing so, they are taking on the challenges that the world presents to education. Its hope is to educate children and young people about fraternity and justice and to place the person at the center of the educational process. This is what they tell us:

I am writing to let you know that we have held a meeting of the Global Education Pact to raise awareness and deepen our understanding of the Global Education Pact. Of course, we adhere to it. We will announce it in our Social Networks:

The educators of Mater Purissima School join the commitment to the Global Education Pact, an invitation made by Pope Francis to all those interested in the education of the new generations.
This Pact clearly shows us the educational challenges of our world and our desire is to educate children and young people in fraternity and justice, placing the person at the center of every educational process.
Only in this way will we have a future with a sense of evangelization.

We will affix the seal of the Covenant.

The Team is preparing for May 2023 for the next stage. How is your center doing with the first one? Remember to tell us about it so that it may serve as a mutual encouragement in our mission.