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Fraternity in Daily Life

April 13, 2021

In our daily lives, in the midst of this time of pandemic that we live, the Lord surprises us and gives us gestures that encourage and strengthen us, make us feel, feel that we are sisters, that the fraternity we dream, even if we have a way to go, we are already living it.

I tell you that one night, at dinner, Teresa Ribot, 96, invited us to admire an exhibition that she had prepared, a woman of initiatives and affection for the sisters, I took out of the wardrobe of Dorita Arnanz (96 years old) everything that Dorita had knitted at this time and, first of all, placed it in bed so that we could all contemplate, value and enjoy it with them. A gesture of affection, a gesture of being a community, a gesture of being sisters.

In our Joint Mission Project, we say that we want to live the FRATERNITY, these and other simple gestures among us make it possible.

But it’s not there, these sisters also help each other in the “technological”. It is to be admired how they stand before the computer to communicate with family and friends and also to be


They are an example to all of us in spirit, and through them we can see that age is carried in the heart and it is always young.

Sister of the Community of Cochabamba – Bolivia


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