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From Rosarillo… towards the CGXVIII

August 27, 2018

The community of Japan met in Hayama, August 8-11 for their annual summer gathering. The theme chosen this year was “Desde El Rosarillo…Hacia la CGXVIII”.

 The first day of the gathering was spent “remembering and savoring” in prayer… how from the “Rosarillo” experience of Mother Foundress the Lord has guided the Congregation to found the Japan mission. Using the FORMULA of the Congregation and Jeremiah 1, 4-10,1 the sisters reflected on the “good the Lord has done to our neighbors” thru us, in the places we had been in the past – Shirakawa, Yamaguchi, Itabashi, Matsue, Asagaya and Maebashi. Certainly there were many challenges and difficulties but in the end, everything could be summarized to – GRATITUDE, JOY and HOPE! He indeed gave us the strength and the fortitude to surpass them, especially the Japanese language. He was faithful in sending us persons to collaborate generously in every place. And now we are seeing many signs of fruitfulness in these places we left behind. In the evening was “Happy Hour”, where the sisters had fun playing games, as the facilitators said, “We have to be like little children in order to enter the Kingdom of God! Vespers, each one received a “message” from Mother Foundress taken from her “Letters” and shared her short insight and petition.

Second day, after celebrating Mass in Honor of Mother Foundress’ Death Anniversary, we had “Hakamaeri”, an annual custom among the Japanese to visit the graves of their family members (equivalent to our November All Soul’s Day). In our case, we paid respects to the twelve sisters (Spanish and Japanese) who had shared with us “life in the mission”. In the picture you can see their resting place under the foot of the statue of the Sacred Heart and the sisters having a Para-liturgical service in their honor.

       The rest of the day, including the third day, were spent in group sharing of Guides A and B of the documents we received in preparation for the General Congregation. The sisters were full of enthusiasm as they shared and dialogued with one another on what they have reflected upon and the inspirations they received from the Holy Spirit. And in this atmosphere, one could likewise feel the silent but poignant union of hearts of those who could not anymore join for one reason or another, but is certainly part of the BODY,  as we all prayed. “To what do you call us now, Lord? What do you want us to do?”


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By Sr. Flor M. Florece, F.I.