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From the International Novitiate of Córdoba

July 23, 2017

Jesus calls us: to be with Him and to send us to preach
To be with Him …

From the International Novitiate of Cordoba we receive news about the forthcoming experiences of the novices. Those of the first year, Mª Crystal Bermejo of the Philippines and Celina García Casañas of Uruguay, will make the month of Exercises, the first of the three experiences of the novitiate,  as expressed in our Constitutions. The month of Exercises will be in Paraguay, from July 25 to August 28 and they will be accompanied by their Mistress, Sônia Maria Soares fi.
“Now all that is left to do is to relish and to savor, to go with courage, liberality and disposition, with the senses open to recognize the passage of God in our lives during this time. We know that we can count on your prayers and we thank you with all our heart; this encourages us in a special way. You have ours from Paraguay. Thank you very much”, Crystal and Celina.

Second-year novices Nancy and Mariana will make the eight-day exercises in San Miguel in the province of Buenos Aires from July 21 to 28.

… and to send us to preach …

In this way they are preparing their hearts to live their apostolic experience in two houses of our communities in the north of Argentina; Mariana in the house of Villa Ocampo, province of Santa Fe, and Nancy in the house of Monterrico, province of Jujuy. There they will share two months with the sisters and the community, offering their life gratuitously, desiring at every step to live and be with Jesus, in his way; “we cannot live without being ready to go” and this experience is one “workshop” more in formation,  the opportunity to experience in the apostolic life the charismatic features of our being Daughters of Jesus.
“In every experience God works in us, and in this sense, in order to embark on a journey to a new time, in our formative stage, and for our whole life, we have an authentic testimony who strengthens and encourages us, Mother Candida. We are going with her as our intercessor on the road; in God we put our trust, He is our Father who takes care of us at every step and will continue doing so. In union of hearts and prayer from a distance”, Mariana and Nancy.