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Gathering of Granada and Malaga infirmaries

June 11, 2016

Like every year, at the end of the school year, in Malaga as well as in Granada, the “Nursing Home” (or Infirmary) usually looks for a suitable for an excursion, a day’s gathering. This year we have had the happy idea of uniting these two realities at a common point … in Nerja (Málaga), quaint and beautiful place, where Nature gives us a serene sea and some mountains full of life.
The first place of encounter, the Parish of El Salvador. Indeed the parish priest now is Fr. Jose who was the chaplain of the Daughters of Jesus in Malaga and who has good memories of his stay there.
At the appointed time, 12 noon, we participated in the Eucharist scheduled for the people. He welcomed us with affection and closeness. In his homily he spoke fondly of the sisters.
Afterward, greetings and a good tour of the “Balcón de Europa” [Balcony of Europe], a spacious place where we could exchange greetings, conversations; where both the Sisters and staff of the Company that accompanied us, could enjoy the beautiful scenery, some with wheelchairs, others on crutches or simply holding the arm of someone else who could help, of which there was a good number …
In the beginning, the haze made it difficult for us to see the sea clearly, but gradually the sun appeared and truly it is a real balcony … a pleasure to enjoy the horizon that is lost in the infinite.
Nearby, at the end of that promenade was the restaurant chosen by those in charge, for us to share a meal, together, a total of 58 or 60 people.
A familial atmosphere, a dining room for us, a very nice staff and Mediterranean food … “pescaitos”, salads, soft drinks, and really looking forward to enjoy each other’s company.

The blessing of the table was: (with the music of “La Violetera”)

“Unos tienen y no quieren.  Otros quieren y no tienen
Y nosotros que tenemos y nosotros que queremos, ¡ le damos gracias a Dios!”

[Some have and do not want. Others want and do not have; And we who have and we who want, we give thanks to God!]
The serene atmosphere of joy and family. For a moment we forgot the “ailments”; and many gatherings, experiences shared with other sisters of the wide Province of Spain came to our memory.
Toast, thanks, joy of knowing that we are family, of feeling accompanied at this stage of our life — not so easy sometimes, and of feeling the closeness of the Congregation, through simple gestures full of meaning.
Gradually time passed and about 5 pm we had to go back to the buses.
Farewells, wanting to repeat it again and … with a new oxygen into our lives. Will everything be as usual? but no one will take from us the enjoyment we’ve been through, how much we’ve laughed and enjoyed.
THANK YOU, THANK YOU VERY MUCH to the organizers; may it happen again. We are already starting to think, “Where and how will it be next year?”

By Matilde Blanco FI
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