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Getting to know us (I)

April 26, 2019


In order that you may accompany not only the process but also each one of us, we will be making ourselves known to you little by little. Be attentive because we will be introducing ourselves to you one by one. The “GETTING TO KNOW US” section initially presents: Matilde Polanco, Teresa Li and Mª Carmen Martín.



Matilde Polanco is originally from the Dominican Republic. She belongs to the Province of “America Andina”. She is currently sent to Venezuela, where she is dedicated to the accompaniment and integral formation of the Colombian-Venezuelan Wayuu family. She also gives formation to the parish team of catechists.

It is her first time to participate in the General Congregation.

Mati likes contemplating the sea, living in community, and dancing the “merengue”. But above all, she likes to be a friend of the poor and be a teacher as well. Her dreams a kind of world where she could reconcile with herself, with others and with the Father. She identifies herself being in love with Venezuela and affirms that in it, she encounters every day, in all the faces she meets, Jesus of Nazareth, who loves her with pure gratuity. 



Teresa Li is from Taiwan, from the Province of East Asia. She is currently sent to the Juniorate, and in addition to accompanying this mission, she collaborates in schools, with young people, specifically with university students and leads a group of families in the family catechesis of a neighborhood.

It is her 3rd time to participate in a General Congregation

She likes the field of evangelization and dreams that the encounter of persons, especially, young people and families, with Jesus, will fill them with happiness.



Mª Carmen is from Spain and belongs to the Province of Spain-Italy. At present, she resides in Madrid and her service to the Congregation is being the Provincial. Throughout her life, her fundamental dedication has been to schools: Pamplona, ​​Burgos, Valladolid, Bilbao …

She is the most veteran of the group in terms of participation, since this is her 7th General Congregation.

She likes to see how a person grows; how he/she discovers the meaning of life; how he/she is forging his personality; his/her life choices. She dreams of freedom and authenticity, with which all people can live from the freedom and truth that Jesus communicates to us. She dreams that all of us could live as brothers, no matter how diverse we may be.

And she affirms that she is in love with Jesus Christ; that’s why she wants to follow him; that’s why she wants to live according to his style. It is her deepest desire, that He may be the center and her reason for living.