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Global Education Pact: the sound of an alarm that warns of Kairos

May 1, 2023

The Educational Pact, with its seven objectives, speaks to us of something so elementary, so fundamental, and basic for those of us who educate from the perspective of Mother Candida Maria Jesus. Mother Candida Maria de Jesus The more we think about it, the clearer we see that it is an alarm. It is not for nothing that Pope Francis speaks of an “alarming educational gap”. And it is a joy to see that little by little, like a steady trickle, these schools of the M. Candida schools are reacting.

Immaculate Conception College, Daughters of Jesus, Pototan: they have started by putting the seal of the Covenant on the letterheads of their communications, as they do when they announce one of the most important events, the Family Day, which they held at the end of March. The commitment was sealed in a para liturgy.

Also, Edna Giner, the Principal of the Daughters of Jesus School in Iloilo, sends the photographic composition they have made on the occasion of the commitment undertaken.

Although the communication reached us at the beginning of March, it was in January that Stella Maris Academy, Davao, made its commitment. Dina Galaura FI reports that everyone is excited about this and the challenge of participating in the activity involved.

With these three communications we can conclude that all the educational works directed by the Daughters of Jesus in the Philippines assume the Pact as their own.

On the occasion of the recent visit of the Superior General to this country, the coordinators of Manresa School, Parañaque, took the opportunity to recall that taking on the Global Education Pact as their own does not mean committing to carry out activities, or more activities, with the students. Mainly, it is not that. It is to consider a vision, a different approach to the life and activity of the Center. It is to be aware of its seven objectives and to outline the curriculum and the relationships that take place in the school from them. It is to renew the experience of Our Own Way of Educating from the keys provided by the world of the 21st century and to assume its challenges. For this reason, Pact and Call in apostolic action go hand in hand, because they arise from the firm will to live and proclaim the Gospel.

This was beautifully confirmed by Da Ren College, Daughters of Jesus, in Taipei, Taiwan. Da Ren reported, at the end of March, on a meeting of all the teachers whose purpose was to understand the Pact. They realized that their seven objectives point us in a direction that the world needs now, and their seven aspects are in line with the educational vision they have as a Center: “self-esteem, compassion, excellence, and dedication”. “And all of the school’s activities are geared in this same direction! Therefore, teachers and professors felt very much in agreement with this spirit and are willing to dedicate and practice it. The principal encouraged maintaining the highest standards in educational philosophy and a greater sense of mission, all contributing to the growth of young people to serve society and create a long-term future together.”.

All this joy has come to us from the East. But it also comes to us from the West. Thus, Conceição Zambrano reported that the Colégio Imaculada Conceição, Rede Filhas de Jesus, in Leopoldina, Brazil, had taken this step.

The last school that has informed us, for the moment, of its adhesion has been the school of Ntra. Sra. de Las Mercedes, Hijas de Jesús, Monterrico (Jujuy), Argentina. In their information, they add: “we are working on different training spaces” and send photographs of the working groups.

It is encouraging to see that as if it were a drop-by-drop, Mother Candida’s School is getting to know the Pope’s approach to education for the whole of society. And, this school, as a Church school, responds.

And that drop will continue to fall… “there is always time”. The warning, the alarm that the Pope sounds, does not run out and is not for a short-term response, as Da Ren has seen, it is a call for the Catholic school to become a Kairos: we are always on time when it comes to the things of God

Maria Teresa Pinto FI