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Happy 2024!

December 31, 2023

We are before you, Holy Spirit,

beginning this new year that you are giving us.

You who are our true counselor:

come to us, support us,

enters our hearts.

Show us the way, show us how to reach the goal.

Keeps us from losing our way

as weak and sinful people.

Do not allow

ignorance leads us down false paths.

Grant us the gift of discernment,

not to let our actions be guided by our own

prejudices and false considerations.

Lead us to unity in you,

so that we do not stray from the path

of truth and justice,

but that on our earthly pilgrimage

let us strive to attain eternal life.

We ask this of you,

that works at all times and in all places,

in communion with the Father and the Son

forever and ever. Amen.

Synod 2023 prayer adapted to a new year in its second line: “gathered in your name,” says the original.