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Holy Saturday 2024: Silence. With Maria.

March 29, 2024

MOTHER (Station XIII) Hakuna

Mother, what is all the universe and power worth?
before a single wound of your Son?
Mother, what do your eyes see when you cry with Him,
when you kiss all the wounds?
Mother, I want to see what you see.

Mother, where did the words I heard go?
Where did the warmth of your heartbeat go?
Mother, where your Beloved went, I will look for him.
and I will place it in the shelter of your arms,
Mother, where God wanted to be born.

Cradle him in your arms tonight like yesterday
under the cold and mystery of Bethlehem.
Only with his blood will we be born again,
with the blood of Jesus of Nazareth.

Mother, I will come down trembling to Christ from the Cross,
we will cover it together with caresses.
Mother, I will peek into the open side of your love
and I will look at the new skies
where they worship your victorious son.

There is no pain as great as your pain.
There is no life but death for love.
When everyone runs away, when they lose their minds,
I will watch with you the face of my God.

Mother, bind me tightly with your arms to the cross.
I want no more treasure than your nails.
Mother, I want to look at you when I can’t find the light
and walk with you every step of the way,
Mother, from the way of the Cross.

Keep me in your arms tonight with Him.
We will overcome death with faith.
Let’s soothe together the desire I heard
from their lips that still repeat: “I am thirsty”.
From her lips that still say to me; “I am thirsty”.


Listen to Hakuna’s song on this Saturday of absence, of silence, of sadness, of cold in the soul, of ignorant waiting. Although we know that he is resurrected, we do not know where, when or in whom or what he will meet us.

Choose your phrases. We suggest some of them:

  1. Mother, what is the value of all the universe and power in the face of a single wound of your Son?
  2. Mother, I want to see what you see….
  3. Only with their blood will we be born again….
  4. There is no life but death for love….
  5. We will conquer death with faith…