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Honoring a 50-year love story

March 19, 2019

Inesita Ortiz de Correa is a very dear person in the Educational Community of “Reina de la Paz”, and who has been linked to the School from its foundation almost until today.

She shared with us, in the closing Eucharist of the beautiful experience of the Exercises with the educators she was especially invited to, about that story of faithful love that began 50 years ago … motivated by the Ignatian spirituality that circulated in her family, because it has two Jesuit brothers.

It was one of the first families to enroll, with its first two daughters — María Clara and Claudia Inés — at the first headquarters of the School in Carrera 28 with Calle 44 corner of Bucaramanga – today a building. Then, they enrolled María Mercedes and finally María Lucía, the youngest daughter of the 8 children of the family, formed with Rafael Correa.

As a family, they were totally cooperative with the School. At one point in this story, they were the presidents of the Parents’ Board. Inesita studied Philosophy and Catechesis, after having her 8 treasures, at the University of Santo Tomas. After her practice she stayed at the Reina de la Paz School as a professor of Philosophy and Catechesis.

It is very gratifying to hear from so many graduates about the imprint that Inesita left in their lives, with her life testimony, her experience of God and her way of helping them internalize their lives. So much so that a graduate does not tire of saying that, if today she is dedicated to education and in the style she has opted for, it was because of the positive imprint left in her heart in her contact with this wonderful woman.

Her daughter Ma. Clara, the eldest, brought her twin daughters to school from pre-school until they graduated: Ana María and María José Duque. So, of these 50 years, they have remained linked as family CORREA – ORTIZ almost 40 years. And Ma. Lucia was one of the first students to participate in the CCI experience in Japan, initiated by our Sister Ma. del Pilar Martínez. She was so struck by the contact with this culture that she lives in Japan, is married to a Japanese, has a Japanese son and is a professor at a university in Japan.