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How do you nurture your faith?

June 4, 2023

Today, the Solemnity of the Holy Trinity, is a good day to remember an article by Mª del Pilar Linde, FI: Follow the thread. Candida Maria de Jesus’ devotion to the Holy Trinity. The purpose of Mª Inez Furtazo, then Superior General, was“to remember and reflect on this aspect of our spirituality, in order to enrich the way we live as Daughters of Jesus today“.

Pilar “proposes that we ‘follow the thread’ in order to, glimpsing the ‘end of the thread’, give continuity ‘without losing it’, ‘re-creating’ this path of the Gospel in the Church”, says Mª Inez in the introduction.

Let us allow its rereading to nourish our faith and let us ask the Lord: What do you want from me, from this charism, for our world? How do you want us to live to be a reflection of your union in diversity?

Happy and celebrated Holy Trinity Day!