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“I admire M. Candida for her courage, audacity and generosity”

December 8, 2016

I am Henar Martín, Daughter of Jesus. I belong to the community of Madrid, and live in the house of Orcasur. For me to be a Daughter of Jesus today is to live from and for the Lord; to be where He wants me to be, doing what He wants me to do, with the mission as meaning and direction of my life in all circumstances: to proclaim Him.

1. Who is M. Candida for you?
For me she is the person to whom I am eternally grateful for having founded this Congregation that I love and that has given me so much; someone whom I admire for her courage, audacity and generosity, for her immense trust in God, for her simplicity, faith and profound inner life.

2. What do the Spiritual Exercises mean in your life?
They are a path of continuous return and conversion to God (and more when you have the luck to accompany someone who wants to do this process). They are an attraction and continuous invitation to live in the style of Jesus, trying to have his feelings and attitudes daily life. They are a process of identification with Christ although I still see myself far from this dream, but they help me to stay awake, keep me standing and with the lamp lighted.

3. What is prayer for you?
It is my life, my daily food, my first appointment in the morning (it is my moment of maximum quality); it is a habit acquired by gift of God, something without which I do not succeed in doing other things…. Although all life can and should be prayer, nevertheless I need that quiet moment to rest with the Lord, to listen and speak to Him. It is the driving force that inspires me, illuminates and guides my daily life making sense of everything I do.

4. How do you live the presence of Mary in your life?
Mary is my Mother and companion on the way. I take refuge in her in moments of weariness, of darkness, of not understanding …; in Her I find the spirit and encouragement to continue saying Yes to God. In her lap I rest when contradiction visits me. I want to be like her, available for what the Lord puts before me.

5. What would you say to a young woman who wants to be a Daughter of Jesus today?
That she take the risk, be bold and brave, and not be afraid. Difficulties will come, as everywhere; no one said that the religious life was easy or was a safe haven to get away from the difficulties of this world, nothing like that, but it is worth abandoning herself in His hands because He will be by her side no matter how adverse may be the circumstances she is in. That she can be sure that God will never leave her, nor fail her. God can not be outdone in generosity and she will receive much more than what she can give him. That she say YES and be willing to “help God” to try to contribute to this world a little of that full LIFE that He wants to give us all and that many are looking for but fail to find where it really is.

Henar Martín fi (Orcasur-Madrid)