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I Put My 89 Years in Your Hands

May 14, 2021

The Sisters of the Community of Colombia shared on page 15 of NotiAndina 175, of the month of March, this poem by Matilde Sanz on his 89th birthday. Thank you for your testimony of a happy life and trust in the hands of the Father. Oh, Congratulations!

We shared the poem of one of our sisters, who, at 89 years old and with the lucidity that accompanies her, Matilde San just turned  this age on 14 March, simply shared with us the strength of her heart:

I come to your presence, Lord,

to thank you for life,

for the love you give me every day,

because you don’t take into account

my weaknesses and limitations,

because above all,

you show your FATHER with me.


Today I would like to make up for

all the sins that, every day,

committed on in the world,

especially those of consecrated persons

and, in a very special way,

for my personal ones.


You know my weaknesses and faults,

but also of my desires for fidelity to your grace.


Today I want to thank you, especially,

for giving me Mary for Mother.

I put my 89 years in your hands

and I gratefully accept the gift of long life

you give me.


I can’t finish without thanking you.

the family you gave me, a gift to me,

the vocation to the Congregation of Daughters of Jesus,

each of the sisters in the community.

Bless them, Lord, and grant us all

the grace to be  better Daughters of Jesus every day,

I trust in your Mercy for me

and, I hope that in my definitive encounter with you,

you welcome me with an embrace of merciful father.

Sisters of the Community of Colombia