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II International Youth Meeting

April 24, 2023

We are happy to share that next Saturday, May 27, at 13:00 hours in Rome, on the eve of the feast of Pentecost, the Youth Ministry of the Daughters of Jesus invites all young people between 17-35 years of age to experience the II International Youth Meeting.

Go, go!…

If in the Ist International Youth Meetingwhich we celebrated on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the foundation of the Daughters of Jesus -November 2021-. we shared that God gave us a name and with it a mission.we have confirmed that that certainty is still alive in our hearts and now again the Lord Jesus summons us and Mary, uniting us also to the icon of WYD, says to each one of us GO after Him!Join the journey of so many young Christians, members of the same Church and invited to be part of it with the charism of St. Candida Maria de Jesus, with a unique identity and living belonging, as FI Youth. Wherever we meet, the same Spirit moves us together, and moves us to encourage others, Young people are the ones who can best encourage other young people, that is why we say: LET’S GO.

In this “let’s go” we would like to spread the missionary spirit of young people for young people, adding to our groups and pastoral actions, young people who are not there, who have not felt this call, who have not been invited, who are lost… We wish that the “GO, LET’S GO!” of the FI Youth resounds throughout the world and be a leaven of the Gospel where we are.

Maria got up and left without delay…

It is the motto uniting all Catholic youth for the upcoming World Youth Day (WYD 2023 Lisbon-Portugal) to be held in Portugal at the beginning of August and in which young people and Daughters of Jesus from different places will be participating in person and in other ways that virtuality allows. This Universal Church event prompted us to meet again, to organize this meeting, to set out on the road as young people, part of the same community of followers of Jesus.

The Lord sends workers for Youth Ministry: Team and Commission

The Meeting is being created and prepared by the International Team for Pastoral Work with Youth extended to the “Commission for the 2nd International Youth Meeting”. with the incorporation of a young woman from the Dominican Republic, another from Taiwan, another from Spain, a young man from Brazil, a young adult from Spain, and a laywoman from the Philippines.

We join this call by sharing this news and we hope you enjoy it. We encourage you to spread it and encourage the young people we meet there in the reality that we find ourselves as Mother Candida’s Family. and we commit ourselves to praying for those who participate and work so that the 2nd International Youth Meeting will bear much fruit.