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International Youth Encounter

November 5, 2021

On Saturday, November 6, the International Youth Meeting took place, within the framework of the celebration of the 150th anniversary of the Congregation. Once again, the Zoom platform achieved the miracle that about 350 young people from all over the world were close to the Daughters of Jesus.

They have been summoned the motto “When God gives you a name, He also gives you a mission”.

After giving the welcome, the Commission gave way to the presentation by country.

They began by working with the first part of the motto, “When God gives you a name…”. From the Word of God in Isa. 19:1, “From the womb God called me; from the bowels of my mother He remembered my name”, they were invited to welcome this God who has known us since we were in our mother’s womb and to write down in their personal notebook the affective memory of that call. How many times have we read this text, and said to ourselves like Benjamin Gonzalez Buelta in his poem:  “Since before I was born, God loved me and thought of me. I am not a repeat copy like a photocopy. I am unique and unrepeatable”?

In response to the question “Who is Jesus to you?”, there were several young people (laypeople and Daughters of Jesus) who offered their testimony. Then they read a letter that M. Candida  “sent” to the Young People and they went to small groups where they shared two questions that had been given to them prior to the meeting:

 What trait of Jesus do I live and transmit the most?

What does M. Candida contribute or help me to be a young Christian?



The second part of the motto also had its moment of work, this time from the first letter to Timothy (1 Tim. 4:12).

Don’t let anyone despise you for being young. On the contrary,  try to be an example to other young people. Don’t stop using the special abilities that God gave you when He created you…

At this time some young people from the FMC shared situations in which they are responding to the reality of our world. Encouraged by example, they asked themselves the question:  in what situations do I believe that the young people of the Mother Candida Family have an answer to give to the reality of our world?

The meeting ended with Pope Francis’ invitation to young people followed by the words and the message of the Superior General. Graciela agradece a los jóvenes lo que han transmitido,

They have helped each of us adults to return to our moments of youth, desires, dreams, energy, illusions. Do not stop dreaming because it is worth it. Let us share this experience of faith, a community of life, encounter, universalism, differences, joy, and hope. Let us tell others the joy of living our faith. Let’s not stop doing as much good as we can. Counteract evil and death by doing good. Let us spread the world of goodness, let us be good people ourselves, and let us spread the goodness of God that makes us all brothers. Jesus, the one who spent doing good. Let us go with the certainty that we are not going alone, we go together and his Spirit accompanies us and gives us life to give it to many. Be the evangelizers of other young people, with creative and enthusiastic pastoral care.

She invited young people to ask themselves: To what mission does Jesus send me here and now? I let  Him tell me inwardly. As an international community, what mission does the Lord send us to?

We are summoned by a woman who, at the age of 26, on December 8 founded this Congregation for the Education of Children and Youth. The young people were in the heart of M. Candida and have always been in the heart of the Daughters of Jesus and we wish them to be in the heart of the Candida Mother Family. Be promoters of the culture of encounter and artisans of peace, may Mother Candida guide us along paths of good.


Read HERE  the chronicle of his message.

Ended the “party” with a toast  (universal sign), food and drink of the place, and a youth dance to the rhythm of a mix of music that expressed the universality that we are.