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International team meetings

November 7, 2022

The International Team of Educators and the International Team of Communicators of the Daughters of Jesus have met to continue working in their respective areas and to promote each area within the Congregation.


Cassia Lara, Petra Wu FI, Rosalie Idulsa, María Teresa Pinto FI, Elena García de la Cera, Angenita Gallo FI and Gemma Dogiles FI form this working team which, with the help of Anna Cinco FI in translation, met for the fifth time to discuss the Global Education Pact.

Teresa Pinto talks to us about this meeting:

We have before us the Call to “Promote the union and articulation, at a universal level, of educators in schools that follow the educational way of Mother Candida, to reflect on the educational challenges that the present world poses to us and to project paths for the future…”. We have shared what it has meant for us to participate in the USG-UISG Seminar on Education: “The impulse of the Global Education Pact. Current situation and future perspectives”. To look at its proposals is to look at the mission of the school today and the challenges that our world presents to it, but it is also much more.

The Congregation joined the Pact on the occasion of the celebration of the Meeting of educators for the 150th anniversary of its foundation and we can use its logo. Since then, we have had the Guide, with our logo too, and with a few words from our Superior General on the back cover. Graciela encourages us to join in, our horizons are broadened. But we need the commitment of each Centre, of its educators and staff. It is essential to know that the consequence of our membership will not be to increase the activity of the College. This encourages us because those who are in the school know well the burden they carry every day.

Here too, it is a matter of “making ourselves available”, of opening our hearts and eyes to what is happening in the world and in our environment and, at the same time, to the Pact with its seven perspectives. From the outset, it is a matter of looking and feeling whether the activity, the curriculum, the environment, the relationships we have, are in line with what is intended to improve our world or, frankly, not. “Not everything is pact”, we shared in the Seminar.

The desire to know more about the Global Education Pact is growing! You don’t have to be in a school for that! We invite the Daughters of Jesus, also the lay people around us who are not educators by profession, to get to know it and to make it known, to see how much good comes out of it for a world that is so unstable today and for its younger generations.



For their part, the communicators from different provinces, from FASFI and from the Jesuit Educational Foundation of Spain, met to share what is happening in the communication of the Congregation at the general level and the news that will come in the coming months.

In attendance were:

Simone Rezende (Brazil),

Cristina Zimmermann (Spain-Italy),

Pablo Labandeira (F.E. Jesuitinas), and

the Daughters of Jesus

Teresita Tsai and Mariví Eceizabarrena helping with translation (from Taiwan),

Nori Márquez and Crystal Bermejo (from Philippines), and

Ana Apolonia Mendoza (Pola) from Andean America.

This group will form the International Communication Team together with the three people who are in charge of the day to day international communication: Beatriz Concejo (lay person and also responsible for communication at FASFI), Ana Mª Baeza (who replaces Mª Teresa Pinto as liaison with the General Government) and Mª José Fernández (coordinator).

For the moment we will not tell you more but we leave you with some questions that we invite you to try to answer: Do our websites and social media show what we are, do they clearly say where we are and what we do, do they project the image of God the Father in whom we believe, do they awaken Jesus in the hearts of those who read us…?

We communicators have discovered that we want to tell ourselves from our essence and, to do so, we need to walk a path together. Will you join us?

Soon you will have more news from us and the projects we are working on.