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Journey from the heart (VIII)

May 4, 2020

We have already changed the month. May began and we are still at home. Confined yes; Confident ?, I hope so too. And, to help us stay, we can continue playing with the words: also candied … putting a sugar bath over time to make it more pleasant.

Even when?. It is not that the explanation of the present and future phases is very clear, that is why I think remembering the Bible “one announcement is enough every day” because before the next it has already changed. Sometimes I look for live music to dance and for my body to rest, but this phase dance surpasses me… it has a too fast and uncoordinated rhythm and it doesn’t relax me, on the contrary, it makes me a little nervous.

The environment is heating up and not only because of the high temperatures. There is a very particular meteorology that alters organisms. But the desired Saturday, May 2, arrived and in one of the phases – it doesn’t matter which one – there are already time zones to go for a walk, not far from home, one kilometer, with different hours according to age. And we begin to breathe clean air, radiant sun and it seems that all the colors have a special brightness. What an urgent need to leave the house and how lazy to return after an hour! But danger is still lurking and it is convenient to be responsible and abide by the rules for the common good.

The children had already started dating and we were envious and we wanted to become like them to enjoy their privileges, but we have also been able to thank him as of yesterday.

During the week many training initiatives continue to take place, to listen to music, -multiple concerts- work meetings, meetings… all telematic, are we getting used to the screen? Do we have to settle for seeing our faces that way? Yes, for now, we hope that this mode of interpersonal encounter will not be prolonged much. We are close but we must separate; we need closeness but distance is imposed on us; time of paradoxes that seem ironic and are new in our life.

And the invitation is also to live other experiences and learnings for the present and especially for the future: change the frenetic rhythm, the urgencies, the anticipated programs that force us to go ahead of time and events, slow down, take care of the air, preserve our cities from noise and polluting gases. These lessons are being imposed on us and it is convenient to accept them even if it costs us, we have no practice but the opposite.

And in this week that ends we have celebrated the labor party, remembering that many people begin not to be able to have it; the economic crisis is coming too quickly, there is no reaction time; Social aid, funds from here and there, various resources are promised … But the person will not only lack economic sustenance but will also break their dignity, their rights, their possibilities and their preparation.

And we are not just looking at our next place, further away – only geographically – the deadly consequences of this pandemic continue to advance and our solidarity cannot be cut back. The world has also globalized with the coronavirus and we are closely affected by its consequences, because nothing that happens in it can be alien to us.

But we have finished this week with two concerts that I want to highlight: a solidarity concert in favor of FASFI, the Solidarity Aid Foundation Hijas de Jesús whose objective is to sensitize, train and inform, in favor of countries and societies most in need and for which 10 artists, teachers and friends, they offered us their songs and words of hope and encouragement to continue carrying out this work with great energy. And the other has been a space for prayer-reflection on the occasion of the day of vocations that is celebrated this Sunday precisely: gratitude, encouragement, courage, fatigue and praise, words highlighted by Pope Francis in his Message for this date; After a brief reflection on each one of them by the artists, they have offered us their songs.

And also this Sunday in Spain Mother’s Day is celebrated: to all of them our eternal gratitude, with flowers of blessing.

María Luisa Berzosa fi