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Confirmation of the good decision – #9parael9FI

August 6, 2023

Summary of the catechesis

We continue to advance in the theme of discernment. When we make a decision, there are some signs that allow us to see if God confirms that we are on the right path. One of the signs is peace, a peace that lasts over time and gives us harmony and gives us fervor, even on the cross. Another sign is the gratitude we experience for the goods we have received from God, which leads us to live our relationship with Him more generously. It is also important when we feel that we have found our place in life and that allows us to face with strength the difficult moments that come our way.

The fact that we feel free in front of a decision taken, that is, being open to change or renounce it without attachments, is also a good sign. Only God knows what is good for us, so, recognizing his provident presence in our lives, we offer him what we are and what we have, knowing that everything is his gift. This trust in God is indispensable in order to always make good decisions.

An essential attitude for the discernment process to be successful is vigilance, knowing what is going on inside us. Ask yourself often, “What is going on in your heart?” Watch over your heart, because vigilance is a sign of wisdom, it is a sign above all of humility because we are afraid of falling and humility is the master path of the Christian life.

In the life of Mother Candida

The final moments of Mother Candida can be read as a confirmation of life. We return to the book “Juanitatxo tells us her life”.

Father Munárriz, a Jesuit, asks her, “Are you at peace?”

– “I feel a deep, and undisturbed peace.

– It is normal to experience this peace, after a lifetime spent for God.

– Yes, it is true. “Forty years I have been a religious and I don’t remember a single moment that was not for Him.”

Mother was dying, little by little. She contemplated her daughters with tenderness. “You are in my heart,” she told them. And when she was close to death, she whispered to them: “Do everything for God’s sake”.

Pages 127 and 128

How about you?

Peace, gratitude, having found our place, freedom in the face of our own choices? Do the confirmations of your choices happen here? Sometimes it is not in the moment, it has to take time. Sometimes you have to choose from the heart, not reluctantly. Do you love what you choose? Do you choose what God loves? Do you love what God gives you to choose? Let us ask the Lord to grant us the lucidity to discover what he wants from us and the strength to choose it.

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