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Letter number 37 of the Superior General

June 10, 2024

Graciela Francovig, Superior General, in her letter number 37 tells us about the latest events and the calendar for the coming months.

At the end of April and beginning of May, the Provincial Superiors and a councilor and the Delegate of Mozambique met with the General Government.

These were intense days of mutual help and co-responsibility in our preparation for GC XIX. The process will now continue in the organization of the Provincial Congregations and the dynamization of the work in the local communities. Here I believe is the most real and concrete aspect of the next GC: what comes from below, from the grassroots, because that is where the Spirit speaks, whispers, babbles or shouts. It will be important that we give prominence to the Holy Spirit. We want to be faithful to what He shows us, points out to us for the future years and we do not want to be deaf, but ready and diligent. Let us pray for each other with this intention.

In addition to these matters, we also discussed the International Juniorate in Granada, our presence in Mozambique and theannual report that the Superior General makes to the Provincial Superiors.

The five provinces have convened the COPs, indicating the starting date and venue, as well as the number of members that will participate in each one.

  • Andean America: 3 January/2025 Cochabamba (Bolivia) 23 sisters assembled
  • East Asia: December 5/2024 Taipei (Taiwan) 29 sisters assembled
  • Brazil-Caribbean: December 29/2024 Belo Horizonte (Brazil) 29 sisters gathered
  • Spain-Italy: December 28/2024 Salamanca (Spain) 39 sisters assembled
  • Indian Ocean Pacific: 18 December/2024 Quezon City (Philippines) 35 sisters assembled

From July 3 to 9 of this year, the Formators – Postulants (two), Novice Mistresses (two) and Junior Mistresses (two) – and the International Youth Ministry Team were summoned to the Casa Curia.

As we said in the convocation, the most important thing is to perceive how we talk about young people, both those to whom we are pastorally directed and those young women who are being formed to become Daughters of Jesus. We need to reflect together, to articulate many aspects, to “feel and taste” the ever-increasing diversity of the Congregation.

Then, from July 22-25, there will be a meeting with the Mozambican Community in Rome .

As I have stated in previous letters, we are in the process of discerning our presence in Mozambique and the future of the Congregation in this beloved and long-suffering continent. For this I have seen the need to summon our sisters to the Casa Curia and for the whole general government to have a meeting with them. A time of listening to feel together the will of God and to be able to open ourselves to new horizons. Our question is: How does God want us in Africa?

And, from October 14 to 18, the International Economic Affairs Council (EAC) will meet in Rome.

Travel and canonical visits

There are still four countries in which it has not been present in these five years. Together with the preparation of GC XIX, the Superior General will carry out these visits:

  • Cuba: From June 9 to 15 I will visit Cuba and will be accompanied by Maria Teresa Pinto. We will also be accompanied by the Provincial Superior, Sonia Maria Soares.
  • On my return from Cuba, I will stay in Spain, taking advantage of the fact that the provincial government is meeting, to share with these sisters. It will also be an opportunity for pending dialogues with other sisters.
  • Continent, Thailand and Bangladesh: During the month of September I will visit the Continent and Thailand accompanied by Teresa Li and Maria Teresa Pinto. I delegate the visit to Bangladesh to Councilor Thelma Barbarona, who will be accompanied by Sonia Regina Rosa.
  • In October, I will visit the International Juniorate in Grenada . I will be accompanied by Sonia Regina Rosa . I will have a meeting with FASFI in Madrid and I will be joined there by Thelma Barbarona.

During the month of November they will all remain in Rome to attend closely to all matters concerning the Provincial Congregations and the more immediate preparations for the GC.

May the Spirit, in this year dedicated to prayer in preparation for the next Jubilee, help us all to remain in this symphony of prayer for the glory and praise of God and the service of our brothers and sisters.