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Listen to the song of your life

February 21, 2023

We live in a hurry, loaded with things, tasks, projects… We lack time for everything we want to do, to live, to enjoy, to achieve…

What if the secret of life was to STOP? If you want to feel alive again, we make a proposal: set aside a day, or some time every day, and listen to the song of your life. Inspired by an African tale, we offer a possible retreat for this Lent 2023.

It is designed for the Hijas de Jesus, but the first two prayer proposals could be of use to anyone who wants to recover the rhythm of their life. The third can be adapted with the texts of your congregation, your parish, your community, your life group, or your team.

Our song is #SerHijas. What is yours? Shall we make a choir? We will meet in life.

Happy Lent!