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M. Candida and St. Joséph, by Ma del Carmen Cruz, FI

June 12, 2021


In this year of St. Joseph, the constant and discreet presence of this great saint in the life of Mother Candida cannot be overlooked. “Constant”, see now why, and “discreet” because his center was always Jesus and, Mary, his great help and confidante.

But it is not what Ma del Carmen Cruz, a Daughter of Jesus, tells us about St. Joseph in the life of our Foundress and the Congregation.

We show a summary as an “appetizer”. You can read the full text HERE.

It begins in Salamanca “House of San José”, where a rented room saw the Congregation born. The saint is on the front of the house, above the door.

From his niche the holy, smiling contemplation on the arrival of bearers with small but delicate gifts that crossed their threshold: the flowers “from the Marquesa”, for the altar, on a certain feast and the chocolate that a servant of the Bishop sent them for breakfast on “a day of bells”.

I would also hear from such a privileged place the unmistakable voice of Fr. Herranz; the prayers made by the sisters before retiring to rest.

Among her friends, many bore the name of Saint Joseph, and three of her sisters (like herself).

His name was given to some schools:

In Tolosa, in the church of the Escolapios, M. Candida, kneeling before the Blessed Sacrament, prayed intensely. At one point she looked up and found the image of St. Joseph placed at the top of the altar. Suddenly she understood how much suffering was reserved for him in that foundation. And right there, she promised the saint that she would raise a school in Tolosa and put her “College of St. Joseph” on it.

Pitillas. The College of San José, of the Navarrese town of Pitillas, was inaugurated on October 12, 1888, and was called “of San José” in the attention of Msgr. José Cadena y Eleta, Bishop of Vitoria and promoter of this school.

The next was the College of San José of Coca, inaugurated on January 22, 1893.

And then came the College of San José of Medina del Campo, which would open its classes on October 8, 1896.

St. Joseph had always “little details” with the Daughters of Jesus.

There are more than thirty letters in which M. Candida alludes to San José. In them, she encouraged us to have confidence in him, because he can do so much in heaven.

“God willing that we all go to heaven to praise him there for all eternity. What a  joy! There, with Our Lady and in the company of all saints forever and ever. Amen.” (c.46).

Access the full text.


And to you, how does San Jose brighten you up? We want this year to be an opportunity to deepen in his role in the history of salvation and to enlighten us in our own endeavors.


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