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Mª Inez Furtado, FI on Religious Life: How beautiful it is when it learns to be Church!

February 6, 2018

On the occasion of the celebration of Consecrated Life, which the Church celebrates on February 2, Mª Inez Furtado, FI, Superior General, has collaborated with the special issue of the magazine “Vida Religiosa” [Religious Life]. In her contribution, she was asked to answer three points of interest on the challenges that consecrated life faces today: What seems to her is urgent, what deserves to be underlined and what is necessary.

The answer to these three questions is direct and straightforward. In answering the first, she ends her reflection by inviting the religious in this way: “How about if we bring religious life closer to this dream of our vocation: to be a ‘place’ where people can knock on the door and find a small breath of life.”

To the General of our congregation it seems that the religious life has a point of special importance: “It is up to us [the religious] to be specialists in witnessing to the primacy of God and to learn, in every time and place, to communicate it intelligibly.”

Finally, Maria Inez believes that, in the 21st century, for the religious journey it is “necessary to walk in communion. […] How beautiful the religious life is when it learns to be Church!”

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