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Meeting about our Constitutions

December 13, 2017

Nineteen Daughters of Jesus of the five Provinces and of the Generalate, from December 12 to 19 in Rome, with Mª Inez, to study, deepen, let the Spirit speak to us today through our Constitutions … The names are in Circular letter no. 89 of the M. General in October this year.

That was all practically before the start. Our first day of meeting has passed and “it is already much more”. We began by recognizing faces, names and assignments of each, trying “not to mention at all what we are doing”. We became conscious of being ” ‘just’ a group of sisters who undertake various responsibilities in the Body today whom this opportunity can help move towards a future in which we have to be increasingly more aware of the call that comprises our living our own identity in the world”, as Mª Inez told us when she convened us.

We are here to make a sapiential reading of our Constitutions by the hand of the Spirit. Today we had an encounter with the Formula of our Institute. It has been very special and profound, touching the fiery present embodied in our reality. It is like “newness” springing from the “Fount of desire”; and the air is filled with the yearning of this “generation of Daughters of Jesus”, and specifically the group that God has brought here, to be led by the Spirit.