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We bring out the best in each person with the joy and color that characterizes its people.

Mozambique is located in the southern part and on the east coast of Africa. This country has a diversified culture, marked by the joy and colorfulness of the capulanas, the typical fabric used in the clothes. Its vitality permeates everyone who enters here.

Since the Daughters of Jesus arrived in Cabo Delgado, almost 20 years ago, we have sought to be the face of Jesus in the tasks we perform and in the way we live with people. On a day-to-day basis, we collaborate in the work of the bishops’ conference, in the dioceses and parishes. With the help of FASFI, we promoted different projects at the Girassol school in Metoro, at the high school and at the alternative health center.


In the Cabo Delgado region, in the north of the country. The sisters collaborate in diocesan pastoral work, Justice and Peace, classes at the School of Ethics at the University of Mozambique, Diocesan Youth Commission, pastoral work in the prison ….


Rural presence in the diocese of Pemba. The sisters teach at the Metoro school, coordinate the Natural Medicine Center, collaborate in the parish pastoral ministry….


Capital of Mozambique. We are working on a diocesan education project.

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