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My impressions of my visit to the Dominican Republic

July 23, 2023

Yesterday, July 22, our Superior General, accompanied by Sonia Regina Rosa, left for Vietnam for the canonical visitation of the sisters. There we are in two houses: the juniorate in Vietnam and a house with aspirants from the country. On this day, in the Church, we celebrate the feast of St. Mary Magdalene and, on the occasion of this feast, he said to us:

Like Mary of Magdala, may each one of us feel called and sent by Jesus. Let us listen again to his voice pronouncing our names. Only in Jesus do many situations that we experience, personally or as a Congregation, find reason and meaning.

Letter 31 of the Superior General

As usual, in this same letter he shared with us his impressions of the last canonical visitation, the one he made to the Daughters of Jesus sent to the Dominican Republic.

The visit to this community was from June 25 to July 6. We lived it with great pleasure. Today, the Dominican Republic is an enlarged community with six houses, seven educational centers entrusted to us – since they belong to the Dominican State – and we are carrying out a collaborative work. I was able to see here the true meaning and path of what the previous general government designed and dreamed of at the local level at some point in time.

One afternoon when we were in Santiago de los Caballeros, we had a meeting with a group of lay people. It was a taste of the Mother Candida Family. As the days go by, usually in silence, we make our way. We can clearly see that in the Family there is a sense of “belonging” that is associated with a commitment, even if this is not expressed in a formal way. The most unknown to me was our presence in Elías Piña. And there I noticed a precious frontier work, risky and challenging, which must be taken care of. Education there is very meaningful and we have Dominican children and a good group of Haitian children, as it is the border with Haiti. We made FASFI very present with its collaboration of volunteers and looked forward to the new school building, made, in large part, with a donation from the Embassy of Japan in the Dominican Republic and also with other contributions. The spaces where children are taught today are so precarious that it is not possible for them or for the educators.

Letter 31 of the Superior General

We accompany all these missions with our prayers and recall that since July 21, lay people and the Sisters sent for the “Mother Candida Family” project have been meeting in Venezuela for a week. Have gone Matilde Polanco , Norma Granzotto y Blanca Esther Iriarte together with Dayse Agretti . Let us pray for all of them and await the news they will give us upon their return.